Laura Najm (Youtuber) Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Height & More (2024)

Laura Najm is an eminent YouTuber and a TikTok personality from Houston, Texas. Laura was born on 25th June 2001.

She became fascinatingly famous when she and her last girlfriend Makayla began digitally posting comedy and challenges content on YouTube.

At this young age, she got enough fame and audience attention amongst the online fraternity. She comes on no. 28 in the list of prominent people.


Personal Info

Full NameLaura Najm
Net Worth$ 1 Million (As of 2024)
Date of Birth25th June 2001
Age22 Years [As of 2024]
Birth PlaceHouston, Texas
Lives InHouston, Texas
ProfessionYoutuber and Instagram star
Years Active2019 – Present
Famous RoleNot Available
ReligionNot Available
EthnicityNot Available
HometownHouston, Texas
Zodiac SignCancer
School/High SchoolNot Available
College/UniversityNot Available
Education QualificationNot Available

Laura Najm Family and Relationship

Due to her maintained confidentiality no information related to her core family is available.

She keeps her maternal, and paternal family sides confidential. However, we will try to update this information soon.

Father NameNot Available
Mother NameNot Available
Brother Name1
Sister NameNot Available
Narally Morales
Kids1 with Narally Morales
Laura Najm (Youtuber) Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Height & More (2)
Marital StatusUnmarried

Laura Najm Education

Due to her maintained confidentiality, her core education details are also not available. But as per visibility from far, she might have completed mandatory schooling.

As visible there is a chance she might have received other education apart from schooling as presenting content in such a manner requires a set of skills which could be developed only after possessing a necessary education.

Laura Najm Career

Laura made her debut on YouTube. She mostly presents comedic and challenging accompanied by other variety of content on YouTube.

Starting slowly in a short time frame, she got an intercontinental fan following. Her stardom is not limited to Youtube, she is also famous on TikTok as well.

But her fanbase had notable growth when she was with her ex-girlfriend Makayla. During her relationship with Makayla, her fanbase at a standpoint of very minimal figures touched 50k drastically.

She first made her YouTube debut with Makayla. Later on, Makayla and Laura parted ways. She then started a new YouTube channel with the name “Keeping Up With The Najm” during her relationship with Narally Morales.

This YouTube channel ran successfully throughout the period till they were together.

Laura’s TikTok Journey started in the year 2019 when she made her digital debut from the handle @lauranajm which is no longer active now.

Within a limited time frame, she got enough stature over there as well. She also collaborated with her brother on that initiative and has gained enough popularity.

Some of her piece of work has got views in million which clearly depicts her growing popularity amongst netizens.

One of her videos related to the Valentine’s Day surprise for her girlfriend has 3.7 Million views on the platform. At the platform, her every piece of work receives enough love from a wide array of audience.

Laura Najm’s Net Worth

Laura lives quite a fascinating lifestyle. She lives with enough materialistic possessions under her roof.

Her lifestyle is simple but she luxuriously lives a simple life. Laura all total net worth is around $1 Million from all sources of income.

Her major source of income is TikTok and Instagram but there is a fair chance that she might have done brand collaborations or have other sources of income that are confidential as of now.

Laura Najm Physical Appearance

Laura has a completely ferocious and edgy personality. She presents herself bluntly and doesn’t care much about nonserious and unnecessary tantrums around.

Apart from these characteristics traits she possesses a great physique too. Although the exact body statistics are not available as of now, as per visibility she is absolutely healthy, wealthy, and fine.

Apart from that, she does all kinds of activities to keep herself fit and she maintains her diet as well.

Height (approx)In centimeters: Not Available
In meters: Not Available
In feet inches:Not Available
Weight (approx)In kilograms: Not Available
In pounds: Not Available
Eye ColourNot Available
Hair ColourNot Available


Laura is an open-minded personality with a vibrant attitude full of confidence. She bluntly presents herself and her unique presentation style with an extra load of charisma adds a high-value stature to her career.

Her confidence speaks its stardom as within these limited years she has walked in the hall of fame while winning the hearts of the netizens.

Her audience-connecting techniques add extraordinary glory to her career and assure success in the future.

FAQs Related to Laura Najm


Who is Laura Najm?

Laura Najm is an eminent YouTuber and a TikTok personality from Houston, Texas.

How old is Laura Najm?

Currently, Laura is 22 years old as of 2024.

When was Laura Najm born?

Laura was born on 25th June 2001.

How much is Laura Najm’s net worth?

Laura all total net worth is around $1 Million from all sources of income.

What does Laura Najm do for a living?

She runs a YouTube channel that has more than 506k subscribers.

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Laura Najm (Youtuber) Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Height & More (2024)
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